PCSX2 Choppiness at 60fps when on TV?
When I'm playing PCSX2 with my PC connected to my TV, the game will randomly get choppy for a moment before going back to being smooth. It lasts for about 1-2 seconds and happens every 5-10 seconds. When this happens, the framerate is still a constant 60. It makes it look like I'm playing at 40 fps or so. I don't think it's tied to specific areas in the game because it also happens in the menus. 

The weird thing is, this doesn't happen when I'm playing on my monitor instead of the TV. It's always smooth and there's no choppiness.

I've only tried this with 2 different games so far (GT4 and Burnout Revenge) but I can assume it would happen with most games.

My monitor is a viewsonic xg240r connected with dp and my tv is samsung ru7100 with hdmi(4k tv but ive tried in both 1080 and 4k but issue still occurs)

All settings default apart from MTVU enabled.
I've tried both ded11 hw and ogl hw.

I'm using dev release 79db01d and playing all games from ISO

Someone else seems to have had this issue... https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Choppy-f...n-at-60fps

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