PCSX2 Config not saving
In my PCSX2 ZZ Ogl 0.21.213 graphics configuration I experimented to see if I could get my RE4 fps in gameplay to speed up a bit.
I checked the option:

Specular Highlights - 01000000
Makes xenosage and Okaga graphics faster by removing highlights

RE4 doesn't play at all with this option checked.

I went back to turn it off but after I uncheck it if i go back into the config it will be checked again. I can untick and tick other options and they will save but i cannot turn off that one option.

I have tried rebooting PCSX2 and my computer but it still isn't helping

I think i have read some threads on this kind of thing on Windows that were resolved by running as administrator but i don't know if there is that option on a mac.

Any tips on how to fix this?

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Don't worry....

I found that if I unchecked everything and reopened PCSX2 it fixed it.

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