PCSX2 Configs P3 FES
Hey, I've never used a PS2 Emulator before so this is my first.

I have no clue how to configure the PCSX2, can anyone tell me how?

I've checked and Persona 3: FES is Playable, which is the game that I want to play. So yeah.

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There is a complete configuration tutorial available on the emulator download forum page and is also included in your installer package;D Thanks to Bositman and all the other PS2 fundi's ;D
Thank you, kind sir!
(06-20-2010, 12:09 PM)Shazeio7 Wrote: Thank you, kind sir!

So I went to go and figure out how to configure it. Does anyone know where to get a BIOS file for the PCSX2?

I was unsuccessful in my hunt for one.

Thanks in advance!
Check that guide again. It tells you that you have to dump the BIOS from your console, and how to do it.

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