PCSX2 Configurations will not save! D:
Hello, and nice to meet everyone!
My name is Timodachi, but you all can call me Timo.

Well, to make things short, my problem, is that whenever i leave the configuration page it does not save my configuration!!! : / and whenever i go to set up a game, it wont let me use the keyboard as my controller when i already tested and everything worked! I think it has to do with the configuration somehow... I need desperate help please! :l

I installed everything correctly, made a short-cut on my desktop, and it wont work... : (
I aleady have a bios and everything else... If i need to explain anything more Please let me know and i will go into full detail!!!!

Thank you for your time!

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go into detail on what happens when you start the emulator. do you get any errors?

when you go into the configure panel, do you get any errors?

basically do you get any errors at any point before starting the game itself?
a little hint :

read the FAQ. it has been asked billion times
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I'm sure u are using vista or maybe 7. Run the program as administrator ! lol (right click on pcsx2, click run as administrator ) i haven't read the faq. Sorry
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Thank you everyone for your help!
I have it working properly now!
Ikazu you were right, I was running windows 7 and i had to be Administer to have the configuration saved.

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