PCSX2 Controler weirdness on Deck (SteamOS/Arch v1.7.3064 flatpack)
Hello, i am trying to make PCSX2 work with more than one gamepad at a time, for 2 and 4 player game purposes, but i ran into some roadblocks that no amount of searching on google and this forum seems to resolve:
-by default only the deck built in controller is detected and used for player 1 only, seems fair for a default setting
-when i try to assign one of my DS3 to player 2 the Deck built in controller will start acting as both player 1 and 2 or all when multi tap is enabled, be it with the DS3 option in the controller list or the x-box pad 1 (deck is pad 0)
-when i assign the DS3 as player 1 and the Deck as player 2 the DS3 start controlling all inputs for all players
-and i can't seem to get the multitap option to allow me more controllers, even though the games do detect the multitap.
the DS3 do work perfectly in steam and dolphin as player 1 or 2 so i do not expect it to be the problem.
other than that in single player the emulation works great.
i have no clues on what i did wrong to get here, and do need help, been searching for 2 days now.

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