PCSX2 Crashes with guitar hero III (3)
Alright, so. I believe I have all the information I need; I have an alienware M14x [from Dell], the intro to the game plays perfect, however, after I start a song/change a guitar (when making a band, cause I can't get past making a character), the game crashes. When the song starts to play after selecting it goes through the five buttons like normal and then crashes. I'm running windows 7 home premium 64bit. I have all the extra DLL's required by PCSX2 in 32 bit format (64 bit DLL's and the program crashed instantly.

I have the iso from *snip*. I own the game but it's scratched beyond recognition from over use by my PS2. The guitars I had were washed away in a flood two years ago so I figured I'd just download the iso and map the buttons to my keyboard. I still have two PS2's ( a slim and a fat ). I've tried different bios images for the PCSX emulator, and I've tried different settings. So far they will all crash within .2-1 seconds of gameplay at the same spot (right after all five buttons are sounded off by the ps2) , no matter the in-game settings or song. I've tried PS2 bios version 1.00, 1.6, and 2.0 so far. I've even tried different regional images. I can't get my own PS2 image to use because I can't find the AV hookups for it to see what options I'm choosing.

That's as much as I'd like to do (messing with settings), unless something will fix it that's required, I'd rather not do the following:

I have HughesNet internet. I'm limited on my downloads, not only in speed but in download amount, and no, I can't get comcast or else, if I could, I would have switched by now. I would love to NOT have to re-download anything, unless you're SURE it'll fix the issue.

At the moment (because I have hughesnet) I'm trying to upload a video to show what's going on. I'm pretty sure it's not the iso; I've never had an issue with an ISO from *snip* Any help is appreciated.

the video is at 23%....

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