PCSX2 Crashing on FFX at start
Hey guys,

I have a copy of my NTSC Version of Final Fantasy X and want to play it on the PC. So I downloaded pscx2 0.9.6 and followed instructions, but it wont work, crashing directly after the Sony Logo...

I use Linuz CDVDRom to select the image manually.

I am using pscx2 0.9.6 with following config:


Can anyone help me to get this thing running =(

big thx

EDIT: I also tried the recommended 1888 Beta, no diference =( Lots of DLLs missing, downloaded them manually, no change... Works worse than 0.9.6

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You didn't post your system specs. The beta works way better than the release (99% of the time anyway, I can guarantee it for FFX). I hope you didn't manually search for the missing DLLs instead of using the DirectX web updater and installing the VC 2008 Runtime SP1 because if you did you could have messed up your system.

Is the image mounted in any external program like daemon tools or poweriso? If so make sure no other external program is trying to access it.
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