PCSX2 Creating DUMP files that do seamingly Nothing
These Files Seem to do nothing to my game and they take up some space, if they do something. what is it? if they dont, How do i make them stop apearing?

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Disable blockdump in the main PCSX2 window.
(03-27-2021, 12:10 AM)RedDevilus Wrote: Disable blockdump in the main PCSX2 window.



PCSX2 is creating crash-date-xxxx.dmp and .txt files.  Don't see a way to disable this.  This happens everytime I start PCSX2 and then close it.  Even when not loading a game.  Any suggestions?
it's making those because your PCSX2 is crashing. the last person we had that was getting these, it was because they had an audio cd image in amongst their games list.
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