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PCSX2 Def jam fight for Ny laggy [ need config pls ]
I tested it myself and encountered none of these issues. I think it's your specs, what are your graphics settings?

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There must be something going on with the GPU, either the card itself or some sort of driver issue. Your CPU is definitely more than enough for the game.

Can you download GPU-Z (it's also free) and show screencaps of the window while the game is running? Would be helpful to see if the GPU is thermal throttling or something. If we don't find any issues there then it's either a driver issue or something borked in the PCSX2 settings.
Fixed the problem... youll never believe lol
well you will.
i reinstalled my AMD drivers and now its running 60 fps constantly & 100% cpu.
0 issues.

i appreciate the help from everyone Smile
Haha, well at least you can enjoy the game now. Happy playing, dude!
Glad you got it fixed!
Happy gaming friend =)

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