All clients must acknowledge and comply with the accompanying standards when posting in these discussions:

Warez talk is denied and disapproved of, to forestall lawful issues. You may not present connections or allude on any sort of BIOS, ROM, ISO, or game that has been illicitly acquired or downloaded. On the off chance that any post like that is discovered, the string containing it will be shut and additionally bolster will be denied until demonstrated something else.

No blazing/badgering of different individuals. We need to keep our gatherings common and well disposed. Provocation incorporates what we call "Witch chasing." Witch chasing is making a special effort trying to get another client to disrupt guideline #1. On the off chance that you have an issue with another client or suspect that they are infringing upon a standard, it would be ideal if you utilize the "Report" button situated at the base right of the post and let the discussion staff handle it.

No spamming, off-theme or promoting posts. We won't endure posts that are either unimportant to a string's subject or to a discussion's topic. Prior to posting, if it's not too much trouble attempt to discover the discussion that is generally fit for your string. Moreover, kindly don't post in strings that have not been posted in for 8 months or more.

No grown-up material important posts or pictures/recordings. This gathering has clients that are beneath 18, consequently such material is denied.

This is an English just gathering, kindly don't post in some other language.

Just one record for each individual is permitted. In the event that you are found with numerous records, the copies will be expelled and you will get cautioned.

Keep your mark pictures little, at about 50kb max and 500x130 pixels, to forestall extra server load. You can include a mark after you've made 3 posts.

For each time you break one of these rules,an infraction will be given. At the point when you arrive at 100% caution level, you will be consequently prohibited from the discussions

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We'll make the rules, thanks
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