PCSX2 "Fedora Bug" finally reported to devs - fedora users please comment
I've finally got off my sorry ass and reported the problem with the precompiled PCSX2 binaries not working on Fedora, which is due to wxGTK being compiled in a different way on Fedora to other distributions.

See: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=257420

The bug report is here:


Perhaps other Fedora users could politely comment and let the Fedora devs know this is causing a problem for a number of users?

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Hmmf. They've dropped it already - marked CANT (fix). And I notice now that Gregory has got there first with a previous report - and got short shrift. Most disappointing. I guess this problem will clear up with the imminent release of wxWidgets 3.0 !
Yes I already report a bug without success.

Wxwidget 3.0 will probably not solve the root issue, distribution are different. that all. Moreover porting pcsx2 to 3.0 will not be easy so do not hold your breath

IMHO, the best solution is the creation of a fedora package. I give full support Smile I think I already clear most pitfall.
Yes - Fedora dev has just left me an interesting comment about how to test impact of change in wxgtk. Beyond my skills I think - but I'm considering trying to create a pcsx2 package for Fedora at some stage. Lack of any previous experience in packaging makes this a major project for me too, so might take awhile Smile

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