PCSX2 Forgets Everything
Hi, I've been using PCSX2 1.0 for a while, it's fantastic. However my computer has been screwing up quite a bit lately, I'm having it serviced soon. It randomly freezes screen turns off turns back on all black, fans kick in like crazy until I hard shutdown. Anyway this happened while I was playing a game in PCSX2 and every previous time it had no permanent effects, but I get home from work today (I swear I havent done anything to the PCSX2 directory or anything) PCSX2 seems to have forgotten most of it's configs. (It said it lost the GS config but I checked and it was actually config'd it also forgot all my ISO directories and where my BIOS file was) This dosen't bother me, however it seems to have lost half my save states! It's weird I have save states for slot 0 still but all my other save states that I had saves in are now empty! My memcards although stating they have not been modified since the 27th are now empty (according to games anyway). So 65 hours worth of playing Persona 4 down the drain. I was wondering if there was anyway to recover my save states and or memcards at this point. I open up the memcard configurator and everything looks normal, I dont know why the games don't see any saves anymore. I haven't moved or deleted any files but my computer is screwed up and crashes on a daily basis, HP is going to replace the motherboard. Not going to try to play anymore until the comp is fixed but I'd like to get my saves back and back them up. Thanks for any help.

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Sounds like corrupted files on a dying hard disk. I'd try and save what you can to a backup medium, but you're probably not going to be able to recover any files that are already corrupt.

Won't help you now, but in the future make regular external backups of files you don't want to lose once you get the system back. Hardware will break at some point, it's best to be prepared. There are various automated backup solutions available that can take care of this for you if you don't want to do this manually or want backups of a lot of spread out files.
download mymc (google it)

you can extract the save files from your virtual ps2 memorycard and save em on an usb stick,( or harddrive where ever you want to have it) if your comp is fixed try to import those saves and see if the gmaes then sees the memorycard.

on a side note, if it forgets the settings good chance it gets the memorycard from your documents and most of the time people place the pcsx2 folder somewhere else where the memorycard is also placed in.

try searching the memorycard (through pcsx2) that has the correct saves and put it in slot 1, boot persona 4 and see if it recognize the saves then.
uploaded mymc below

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your windows is corrupted. your machine needs formatting
Try running pcsx2 with "run as administrator". By the way, i hope you didn't save the pcsx2 folder to the C drive or My Document.
umm why shouldn't u save the pcsx2 folder to the C drive or My Documents?

a software is allowed to write overwrite files in these directories. if however the files to be overwritten where in the program files folder then there may be a problem because windows doesn't allow that and will only allow with administrator permission

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