PCSX2 Freezes When I Plug in Dualshock4
This is probably my fourth or fifth attempt to get into emulating, and each time I run into issues that I can not seem to find solutions to. This time around I can get games to launch just fine, but found it was very finnicky to get it to work with mouse and keyboard, so today I decided to try and use my Dualshock 4 controller, but everytime I plug it into my PC, or whenever I go to try and map controls, PCSX2 stops responding. I'm also unable to open "Set up USB game controller" on windows 10. I have seen that lots of people have issues with PCSX2 freezing on them, but it seems to be in game, and only for a moment, whereas I can't even get into the config tab before the entire program stops responding.

I'd really like some help with this issue as bluetooth isn't an option for me, and I would really love to be able to play some of my childhood favorites without paying an arm and a leg, and praying I get a working copy.

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ds4windows, disable ds4 thing whatever the option is.
Have you tried using DS4Windows?
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you shouldn't need to map controls with an xinput wrapper. do what catlin suggested above (ds4windows) or use steam. That will be the fastest and simplest way
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