Hey i saw the games that are working on pcsx2.an there was the versioan of pcsx2 on any games.if i have just 0.9.7 and some game require another version do i need to download that version?uh uh and something else i just want to play the warriors on site is warriors,the is the same game? http://pcsx2.net/compat.php?c=search PS: could i play any game with this specs 2GB Ram DDR2 Graf 512 GeForce 8400 GS CPU:AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual core Processor 5600+ 2,90 GHZ.

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I kinda doubt that a game that work on 0.9.6 wont work on 0.9.7
Just try first with 0.9.7 even if it says 0.9.6

And the version there doesn't mean that the game will work only on that version.It means that it is tested only on 0.9.6,meaning the compatibility status on 0.9.7 is unknown.
when you run the game it will tell you its status in the console, make your own judgements there. (if it says "unknown" it has not been tested, this does NOT mean it won't work)
The version shown in the compatibility list just says when the game was last checked by the beta tester, if a game was last tested with 0.9.4 and was playable and you try it with 0.9.7 and it's not playable then try it with that version or something in between Tongue2
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