PCSX2 GS plugin problem
I have set up all plugins for PCSX2, but when I try to start the game I get the GS plugin problem. ( I use Direct3D 10) I looked up some guides but nothing works. If change the grapics plugin to Direct3D 9, my computer thinks its a dangerous program and closes it. You can't disable the program either. I got a Swedish computer, but I think the programs name is Data Execution Prevention. Any tip how to fix this?Unsure

(sorry for my poor english, I'm from swedenTongue)
Any help? Smile

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Have patience, it's only been 2 hours....

You didn't provide your PC specs, PCSX2 settings, plugin settings or even the game you tried.

You shouldn't have a problem with DEP with the stable pcsx2 0.9.6 but you could try the latest beta and beta plugins:
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I managed to get the game started with the beta, so thanks for that!

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