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I have searched the PCSX2 Website and cannot find anything related to this. I have my PCSX2 fully configured, and I mounted an ISO using MagicDisk. When I load CDVD full or fast, I can hear the startup sounds, but no screen changes, and I cannot see the game. I can hear the music of the title screen, and I can hear the little trailer that plays if you leave the game sitting, but cannot see it. Any help on this would be much appreciated, and if this has been asked somewhere before, apologies for not finding it.

Scratch question, Changed Plugin and game screen popped up.

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why are you mounting the image, when pcsx2 has its own iso reader built in? , also sounds like you are using the gsnull plugin switch to gsdx or other video plugin.
Please provide more info like what pcsx2 version you are running, the game you are trying to run and your computer specs.
I already figured out what the problem was. I was indeed using GSnull and I switched it to GSDX 4600, but thank you for chiming in.

New Problem. I have a wired 360 controller. I went into Controller Configuration and was able to successfully map the controls, but the controller does not respond in game.
for the 360 controller try to select xinput under lilypad

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That did the trick, thank you very much hyakki, I have one more problem, but I think I can find the fix for this one on my own, as I saw a thread pertaining to game speed earlier. Thank you again for the help.
Ok, so I am having two more issues that I cannot figure out.

1. Controller inoperable during cut scenes.
Normally this would not be an issue, I love watching cut scenes, but when you have to watch the opening scene over and over again before actually getting to the start screen is gonna be annoying as hell.

2. Game Speed less than optimal.
The game is running beautifully, only problem is it is a little slower than normal. I have tried messing with the speed hack settings, but no improvements whatsoever. I will include below this my cpu specs and my video configuration specs without speed hacks enabled and hopefully someone can help me figure this out.

Game: Haunting Grounds
PCSX2 0.9.8

Manufacturer: Acer
Model: Aspire 57332Z
Rating: 4.7
Processor: Intel Pentium CPU p6100 @2.00GHz 2.00GHz
RAM: 4.00 GB (3.68 GB Usable)
System Type 64 Bit Operating System

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1: try the analog button

2: Your PC is weak, but you may be able to find settings that work if you play with them some
(06-21-2012, 03:24 AM)Saiki Wrote: 1: try the analog button

2: Your PC is weak, but you may be able to find settings that work if you play with them some

Analog Button?

Played around with the settings, game ran normal speed for a while then slowed back down, going to continue to play with them some more.
lillypad has "Analog" as a settable button, set it on the keyboard or something and try pressing it when you get stuck

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