PCSX2 Hangs and wont close after I stop emulation
I opened the BIOS to check that it was working alright, and it seems to be working ok, but when I hit escape to close it, the window disappeared and only the output box was still there. After a while nothing happened (It just said something about 'Opening GC' or 'Saving GC' or something like that, I will get the exact one later if it happens again, don't want to try it because I had to restart my PC which took forever). When I tried to close it it froze for about 3 seconds then unfroze but didn't close. I tried Task-Managering it to death and nothing happened, it didn't disappear.

Intel Core2Duo T6500
ATi Radeon HD4570 (M)
3gb RAM
240gb HDD.

Any help would be much appreciated. Also sorry if this is addressed somewhere else I couldn't find it using the search feature.

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