PCSX2 Help. Low Frame Rate.
I am playing my games off of discs and if that is the problem I don't know how to get the game off of the disc so the emulator can read it.

I start games and the frame rate drops to about 20-30 frames with all my games. If I try to use speed hacks it messes up the games. I only currently have Ar Tonelico 2 with me and that game runs at close to normal speed only with certain setting but then you only hear sound or the only picture that does appear past the title screen is text.

My Settings


ZeroGS 0.97.1
Bilinear Filtering is checked.
Anti-aliasing is set to none.
Everything else is not checked.

ZeroSPU2r514-Dev 0.4.6
Time Scaling is checked.

Gigaherz's CDVD Plugin 0.7.0

DirectX is fully updated.

Computer Information
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz
Memory (RAM) is 4GB

Any additional information needed just let me know.
And any help would be greatly appreciated?

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ZeroGS is the much slower graphics plugin, any particular reason you aren't using GSDx?

Besides that, all you can do it mess around with speed hacks... Sadly, your CPU is way on the low end for PCSX2, so aside from a hardware update there isn't a whole lot else that could be done.
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I was messing around with all the grapics plugins. GSDX included. Oh well, thanks anyway. I guess it might just be the hardware.
Use Alcohol 52 to rip your game to an ISO. That will eliminate the slowdowns and stuttering during load times. It is pretty easy. Just click the make image button and select Playstation 2 for the format.

After that try experimenting with a few speed hacks and you should get decent, but not great results considering your CPU.
An alternative is LC ISO creator (http://www.lucersoft.com/freeware.php), which is about a 15kb download and works great. Making an ISO should help a fair bit as Dadaluma said.
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