PCSX2 Help with QEMU please

I'm trying to get my G920 steering wheel to work.  I downloaded the qemu plugin and noticed it's installed in the USB section and not the input/controller section.  Is that normal?

More importantly, I can click the test button and that works and I can assign all the functions and it reads them fine, but when I launch a game, no button on the steering wheel does anything.

It's as if it's not even hooked up.  The plug-in test works, the buttons are assigned properly, etc, so it seems like it should work but it doesn't.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



In an effort to try and figure things out for myself while waiting for replies here, I've come up with some new information.

First, the controller plugin tab lists LilyPad as the plugin.  If I go into that plugin/LilyPad and set my wheel up there, it works/responds.

The Qemu plugin which is specifically for Logitech wheels like my G920 is under USB and not Controllers??

If I don't configure my wheel under LilyPad, it doesn't work.

If I configure it under LilyPad THEN configure it under Qemu, it works, but it will work whether or not Qemu is configured at all, so I don't think it's running the controller plugin Qemu at all.

How do I get Qemu to be the sole controller plugin for my wheel?

I can configure Qemu fine, the buttons respond in the configureation screen, I can test the wheel and it moves fine, etc.  It's just once in game, the only controls that work are ones configured under LilyPad.

I'd really appreciate some help getting this all sorted out.

Thanks so much,


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