With recent events my boredom has created this. Figured I would share for those that came across the same issues I have with the available front ends.
Fairly basic at the moment.

[Image: Capture.PNG]

-Auto mounts image on selected drive on settings tab. (you need at lease one drive setup in Daemon Tools)
-Copies current pcsx2 inis to individual inis for each game.
-Tiled game selection with cover art support. (png and jpg)

- Daemon Tools
- Images converted to MDX

How To:
Open program and fill out fields on settings tab.
Close and reopen, may take a few min to scan and create config folders depending on collection size. (currently checks for changes on startup only)

Add cover art to Images directory named the same as MDX image (example: example image.mdx = example image.png)
On program start any images in this folder will be converted into tiles for faster startup.

Double Click tile to start game. (auto updates cdvdGigaherz.ini for selected mount drive)

Currently in work:
Adding ground work for centralized cheat database integration and management.

Download V1.0

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Do you know that pcsx2 can read images without the need to mount them to a virtual drive?
It does not support ALL image formats but it does the most commonly used

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