PCSX2 ICO camera misdirected
I tried running the NTSC ICO (the CD-ROM version) using PCSX2 rev.1888.

Sempron LE-1150 @ 2.0Ghz / AthlonX2 7750 BE @ 2.75Ghz
1GB DDR2 800
Nvidia GT220 1GB DDR3

Using the beta GSDX(DX9).
Using the beta SPU plugin.
All speed hacks checked / unchecked tested.
Default rounding mode and clamp behaviour.

The game runs smooth, however when reaching the 3rd chamber (the one with the spiked cage in the ceiling), while climbing the stairs, the camera off-tracks and points to a completely different direction than the character, rendering the game unplayable (you can still move the camera).

The game also freezes in the 3rd and 4th intro cutscenes if they're not skipped.

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Search the thread, has the solution in there. You need some change in clamping and/or round modes
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Use latest build, or Use SuperVu in your 1888
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja
Thanks a lot for the advice, after setting the correct clamp mode it works properly.

FPS 11(min) - 61(max) - 50(avg) - AthlonX2. So it's pretty close to being playable.

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