PCSX2 Input Lag
I have a problem with Input Lag, I have tried multiple versions of games (Xbox console, Dolphin and PC) and I see that PCSX2 has input lag.
You tried several versions of the emulator (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7), but the flaw persists.

Any solution? Does the same thing happen to them?

You can see the difference in this video

https://ibb.co/z22mJ62 Configuration

Ryzen 5 3600
RTX 2060 Super
16 GB de RAM 3000 HZ
Mando Xbox 360
Windows 10
VSync discapacitado

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Input lag is an ongoing investigation with no known solutions. So far we have a bunch of reports, but little evidence and even fewer ideas. Trust me, with the amount of complaints we've been getting, we'll be sure to let everyone know when it gets better, but right now there's no good information to share other than early tests have shown that exclusive full screen is not the problem.
Even if this problem can't be resolved in terms of build updates we need to try and understand why this is happening. There are so many possible reasons why this could be occurring, why don't we try to narrow down the possible reasons?

Could it be :

-An issue related to certain gamepads or certain gamepad drivers?
-An issue related to Windows 10?
-An issue only when running certain games?
-An issue only on certain settings like DX11 instead of OGL or OGL instead of DX11?

In some games with low frame rates I'm guessing there could be some input lag related to that in a particular game. But if you're getting input lag in games that are performing well on PCSX2 that's a more concerning problem.

It would help if people could start paying more attention to input lag when playing PCSX2. One of the main reasons why I still play PS2 games over PS3 or PS4 is due to the lack of input lag. If for example, someone is experiencing input lag in a particular game and someone else playing the same game isn't, we can start to narrow down the possible causes.

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