PCSX2 Installer Error
My PC decided it would be real cool if it changed the letter of my second internal hard drive where I store all my ROMs and emulators (including PCSX2) and then after that the program wouldn't open. So I said "No problem, I'll just reinstall it."
I removed the application and went to the installer, when I got this error. (Using imgur because the forum upload script crashes my browser.)

[Image: 3vvOMIK.png]

Please help, I just figured out how to play Star Ocean 3 properly for the first time since I was younger and I really got into it.

Edit: The program did open, but whenever I went to browse for an iso or ran the actual emulator it would crash with no error at all.

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Reboot., then install vc++ 2013 redist and update Directx.
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Agreed. Memory reference errors are almost always resolved by a reboot. If not, are you running PCSX2 in an emulator (such as Fusion or Parallels)?
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