PCSX2 Intstantly Crashes while loading any ISO
It doesn't give me any errors or anything, as soon as the screen comes up that would eventually show the game, it just closes out of the whole emulator.

 Windows 10 Home
 Intel® Core ™ i5- 7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz  3.00GHz
 RAM 8GB installed

PCSX2 Settings:
 GS:      gsdx32-sse2
 PAD:     lillypad
 SPU2:   spu2-x
 CDVD:  cdvdiso
 USB:    USBnull
 FW:      FWnull
 DEV9:  Dev9null

Audio plugin was changed to DirectSound.

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Which game are you talking about and that's not your PCSX2 Settings that's just the plugins.
Did you try loading from your original disk instead of an ISO? What error are you seeing on the screen?
Using dsound is not really a good idea
Post the emulog(in the logs folder)after pcsx2 crashes(don't run it again before posting the file becsuse the file is overwriten on every pcsx2 start)
Highly doubt that this is the issue, but maybe PCSX2 doesn't have the permission to access the ISO? It's just a thought.
Try CK1's suggestion, see if the original disk works.
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