PCSX2 Language selection fails (recent versions included)
I have been testing PCSX2 off and on for a long while back, but only recently started using it more often as my older computers were not powerful enough for good full-speed PS2 emulation results.

However, in all PCSX2 versions I've ever used, including the stable v1.0.0 and the current beta r5392, the language choice always fails to have the wanted result. PCSX2 always falls back on using the OS language default.

When using the first-run Wizard, it does seem to work properly at first, starting with the OS default language and then switching to another language if the user selects another one in the language choice gadget of the initial wizard screen. And that chosen language then remains active for most of the wizard session, except for its final page. There the middle button of the three buttons at the bottom right corner of the page (the button used to exit and save results) has reverted to use the OS default language. So for my case, with OS default language being Swedish and my chosen language being English (also set as OS active language), the three buttons at the page bottom will be shown as
"Back", "Avsluta", "Cancel"
instead of the proper
"Back", "Finish", "Cancel"

And when I've exited from the wizard all PCSX2 menus are in Swedish, except for a few words (I assume the Swedish translation files are missing a few entries). Inspection of the "PCSX2_ui.ini" file shows that the language choice made in the wizard was never stored there, as it still has the two entries "LanguageId=0" and "LanguageCode=default".

It's clear to me that the wizard is bugged in its handling of these things, and probably always has been, since this problem has existed in all versions I've tested...

As for myself I do have a very simple workaround to get the program to use the English language, which is simply to delete the entire "Langs" folder. So I don't really need this program bug fixed for my own use. But it is different for those who need some non-English language which is not also their OS default language. Those people have NO simple workaround available.

Best regards: dlanor

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... and when importing settings,
the imported languagesetting have precedence over the new settings,
even if the wizard was launched due to "Change Language".
First time config wizard surely has some small flaws, but I don't see a problem with the language. It's working completely fine, at most how it works is not clear for everyone and confusing. I wouldn't really call it a "bug". If you import old settings then it reverts by your own choice - where's a bug in that? The "finish" button is the only one that changes that's why it get's refreshed to re-imported settings while the rest is keept in english which was your choice before re-importing settings to previous - non english ones couse the wizard gui is refreshed only after changing the language from the list, not if it's changed by import - that's a flaw. I guess simply nobody expected while creating this wizard that people will import their settings while changing language, soo it looks bad. But it's a flaw of the design, not a bug in it's work.

By now this choice(importing or not) either replaces ini with newly created default temp files or leaves existing ones. It could probably be changed, but as this would make it easier for people who want/expect other behaviour, it would ruin that option for those who are happy with how it is now, let's say my OS is polish, my ini files keep english, I wish the language to be reimported with all other settings, if I would have to select it again, that would be bothersome for theoretical me(I don't really use the wizard anyway;P) while make it easier for you.

Currently, if you really want to "keep" the settings and change the language, simply edit the ini file manually:]. No better way. Unless you manually edit those files to use some hidden ini-only settings(which means no problem in editing language same way as only 1 line really needs to be changed - "LanguageCode" and the codes are folder names in the pcsx2\language directory;]), I don't really see much point in importing the settings through.
Maybe that's not soo clear for everyone, soo I'll say it aloud - plugin inis are NOT cleared by option to "clear all settings". Only direct emulation and gui options are reseted, soo by default practically nothing that matters as the default emulation settings are best start for any game and takes less than few seconds to change those options without even suspending emulation, so yeah not much point in re-importing the settings if you didn't used any hidden ones.

There IS a huge bug with the latest 1.1.0 version feature to "change language" without clearing all settings through, I never had time to actually test it before and was even happy it was implemented, but it's a complete bs as I see now;P, both "clearing all settings" and that new feature simply load the wizard. It's completely stupid, couse the wizard itself is the thing that clears those existing setting, soo I see no point in "change language" option existence in it's current state, duplicate option or at least it works same way. I guess that was made by laziness, but really, it turned out a complete fail. ~_~
It should have a proper list to actually choose one to change the ini setting and not reusing the stupid wizard. >.>
No, it's not a bug.
It's negligence.
dlanor: I'll ask our GUI specialist about it Tongue2

miseru: Yea, the GUI specialist was lazy Tongue2
(09-01-2012, 03:22 AM)pgert Wrote: @miseru99:
No, it's not a bug.
It's negligence.
I don't really think it matters whether we call it a bug or negligence.

And for those whose native/needed language is also the default development language as well as the default OS language it is very difficult to test these issues completely. They'd have to install a foreign OS on some computer (virtual or real) just to create the necessary test environment. And that's probably why these issues were overlooked for so long.

The important thing that we all agree on is that the current implementation is unsatisfactory, as it fails to allow proper changes of the GUI language.

As for editing the PCSX2_ui.ini file, that should work in principle, except that the normal release packages contain no documentation stating the needed values for the "LanguageId=" and "LanguageCode=" entries. And we really can't expect normal users to dig around in the source code to find that information. So full information on that method of language choice would have to be added into some new 'readme' text file.

But the real need is for some program change to add proper language control, and it would be best to do it without re-invoking the first-run wizard.

However, that wizard also needs to be altered so as to offer the user the options of either importing all settings, or importing all except the language settings, instead setting those according to the choice made in the first page of the wizard. (If doing it without an option, then the latter method should be used, so that the most recent language choice rules.)

Best regards: dlanor
I will look into it again, hopefully soon. This time I'll try to be in a less lazy state of mind Wink

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