PCSX2 Leopard "Can't create gslog.txt" Fix
I made an account just to create this thread. After several hours of google searching and forum reading I found a solution to this common problem. The mods might shake their heads at me for what could appear an obvious answer but I really want to share it with you guys who are still having trouble.

Two things first:

1. I'm running Snow Leopard on an Intel Mac, and I absolutely could NOT get the Snow Leopard version of PCSX2 to run. Period.

2. Because of this I used the Leopard version. You need to have the latest XQuartz, NVidia CG Framework and graphics plugin as outlined in the many guides. This is non-negotiable.

What finally got me past the error? Permissions. Right click PCSX2 and "Get Info". At the bottom left of this window hit the plus sign and create a new user by using "Administrators". Adjust the privilege of this bastard to "Read & Write". Exit.

Now right click PCSX2 and "Show Package Contents". Right click Contents and "Get Info" again. Repeat the above steps plus one more - Hit the gear at the bottom of the window and click "Apply to enclosed items". Run your iso and try not to pee your pants.

Thank you developers, you guys are amazing for giving us this.

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