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PCSX2 Linux Performance settings (nvidia binary 331.20)
Download: *snip*
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_24_49.png]
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_22_21.png]
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_24_05.png]
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_23_19.png]

Graphics Plugins needs 1260x1260 Or 1260xany resolution for the vertical lines to not to appear in tekken or other games.
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_23_30.png]

Sound Plugins is also important, incorrect settings causes slowdown, also SDL audio is very good with pulseaudio and we can record the gameplay using ffmpeg or simplescreenrecorder
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_23_46.png]

MTVU is a must for tekken 5, great speed up!
[Image: Screenshot_from_2013_11_16_21_22_52.png]

Now for your viewing Pleasure, here's a Youtube video with the above settings:

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your are using 4 bioses -> i hope you actually own 4 PS2s else ->piracy
your video clearly shows you are using a downloaded iso ->piracy

cared to read the forum rules ?
closed & warned
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Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
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