PCSX2 Magazine Appearance
Recently PCSX2 has made its second appearance in the Italian magazine - The Games Machine. It's great to see PCSX2 getting mention in publications, and we thought we'd share the article with you!

If you can read Italian, you can click on the thumbnail to the left and read it yourself, for those of you who can't read Italian, a rough translation is below (Made by a friend of the PCSX2 team!):

"Some time ago we talked about PS2 emulation and we mentioned that PCSX2 had made a lot of progress, but that it was still impossible to "play".

Things have changed a lot and now PCSX2, that is the result of more than 2 years of developing, is the only emulator that can emulate the PS2 in a good way. The hardware requirements are very high, we are talking about an Intel E6600 or an equivalent AMD, 1 GB of ram and a video card with full support of Pixel Shader 2.0.

The requirements are very high but not absurd if you are thinking a bout an upgrade to Windows Vista. PCSX2, the latest release 0.9.2, is based on some plugins which emulate the functions of PCSX2.

On the official site of the project (www.pcsx2.net) you can find a very complete guide to the use of the emu. Personally, I can recommend you the new ZeroGS 0.96.0 (a video plugin). It's a plugin which works very well only with newer graphics cards. There are specific plugins just for audio,controller, USB and for Firewire emulation. There are also a lot of CDVD plugins.

If you want to use PCSX2 you must have a "real ps2" and its bios. You can obtain it dumping it from your ps2 (any other way is against the law).

PCSX2 is compatible with a lot of famous games like: GTA San Andreas, Devil May Cry 3, Final Fantasy X... The framerate is very low on a lot of PC's but buying a very powerful pc, the framerate problem is going to end in the coming months.

At the end PCSX2 is a very good product and it'll have for sure an evolution thanks to the hardware evolution."

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