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PCSX2 MotorStorm Arctic Edge
I wanted to run MotorStorm Arctic Edge
In the menu, select language
[Image: 029d5a15939c.jpg]
That I have this string and hangs:
[Image: 143cdba984e0.jpg]
next game is lag
Help meUnsure

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i have the same problem !!!!!!
after the press start button the game hangs
Uhm wasn't Motorstorm a Playstation 3 game?!? I could be wrong, but afaik there wasn't a PS2 version or was there?!?
yeah the iso is fake or a diffrent iso console
I can't help, but this definitely came out on the PS2 too - also if it were a PS3 game do you think it'd even boot at all? Wink

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