Hello im trying to get Xlink Kai to work with PCSX2. Iv'e been testing Socom II with LAN setup and it does work within my network. I am no able to join rooms that arent made by me, if someone out side my network through xlink kai i am not able to join the room and they are not able to see mine. I believe it has to do with the NETWORK ADAPTER mac address. The xlink kai detects my Ps2 ip..... but it does not find the PCSX2 the reason why is cause the network adapter on the pcsx2 starts with 76:51 .. All Playstation 2 consoles start with 00:xx:. I changed my pc mac adress through settings but it doesn't affect xLink Kai BUT!!! it detects through XLink Kai because it starts with 00:xx. I wanted to know if it can be possible to change pcsx2 mac address. "I AM USING MY OWN DUMP OF BIOS" . I believe it is within the plugin dev9.

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The mac address you are getting is more likely to be given by the WinPCap virtual adapter, how to change that i do not know.

PCSX2 does however store an address, but it should be the one from your PS2, in which case if you are linking PCSX2 to your PS2, it might get confused by the existance of the same MAC address.
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thank you for the comment, i think it has to be done through command line ,WINPCAP is a great program it just doesn't have a simple gui , it would be great if someone knew how to config it
I get it to read.... If you change the mac address and set settings to AUTO it will pick it up but not as a mac address as pcsx2 but as the pc, If they can give a feature in the DEV9 plugin to change MAC address it would be cool to experiment with it.
Hey James,
There is a lot of people trying to figure this out. (Geting Xlink to work with Socom 2) me as well. If you got this to work, help us out and provide a small guide of what you did to get it to detect the PCSX2. I myself have dabble alittle with the MAC Address, with no luck. Thanks.
Sorry for the bump, is there any news on this? I would love to help out if I could.

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