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How about making pcsx2 as Operating system for the PC itself, other than windows ..
may be faster and more compatible for all the special resources are used only for the emulator itself, not other programs.??

is it possible ..??

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Not again...
No it won't be. There is no point in doing that.
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I get a permissions error when I click the link...

Closest thing you can do is install a stripped down version of Windows using either nLite or vLite for XP and Vista/7 respectively.
Also change the priority of the pcsx2.exe process to high.
Oh didn't realize it was in the closed threads archive, sorry about that. Anyway that thread was also about how pointless/useless this would be Tongue
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I take it that, if something like this were to be made, it would be practically a heavily stripped Linux distro? Which would lack DirectX and hence GSdx... in other words fail for a majority of games in terms of performance?
No one in their right mind would voluntarily dismiss all the tools and services an os provides, just for the prospect of a 1% fps increase.
Modern hardware design requires something called a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), and something else we like to call a Hardware Driver. You might have heard of one. You probably spend lots of time upgrading it every so often, and hoping things get faster. And these days it's not just your video card that needs a driver: you even need hardware drivers for your motherboard if you want to maximize performance potential, especially on multi-core systems.

No sir, if the idea of stand-alone executable apps (serving as their own operating system) wasn't dead 8 yrs ago, it's surely dead now with the modern concepts of Super GPUs and 4-8 core CPUs.
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