PCSX2 On a laptop.
I have 2 questions about the general performance for PCSX2 on different systems and configs (you can read or skip details about my system).

My laptop has:
-1.83 Ghz t5550 Core 2 Duo Processors (SSSE3 capable, 64x capable)
-8400m gs 256 MB (OC) 700/400 (Dx10 Capable)
-3 GB DDR2 Ram
(for detailed specs, google HP Pavilion dv6817us)

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 32x, Windows Vista SP1 32x, Windows 7 64x
(Possibly upgrading to Vista 64x)

My main questions (in regards to performance):
1) Which operating system should I run it on (Vista or XP, 32x or 64x)?

2) What plugins should I get?

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1) Vista 32/64 doesn't matter.

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(04-05-2009, 01:43 AM)yunsabit Wrote: 1) Vista 32/64 doesn't matter.

Vista x64 seems to run better with pcsx2, for some reason or another..
(04-05-2009, 01:57 AM)Saiki Wrote:
(04-05-2009, 01:43 AM)yunsabit Wrote: 1) Vista 32/64 doesn't matter.

Vista x64 seems to run better with pcsx2, for some reason or another..

If you're going to make blanket statements like this, please give reasoning or proof (and "for some reason or another..." does not count as either). There are countless testimonials to the fact that it doesn't make any measurable difference, and there is the simple fact of reality that the x64 and x32 versions of Vista run Pcsx2 under an effectively identical environment (that's the whole premise of WOW64, which houses a complete copy of all 32-bit DLLs from vista32, and loads/runs them for any 32 bit app).

Thus there is no technical difference from Pcsx2's standpoint between running Pcsx2 on Vista 32 or Vista 64. Yes, individual user results may vary depending on video drivers, CPU make/model, and amount of ram on the system. But it's going to be a tossup and minor one at that. For some folks the 32bit install might fair better, while for others the 64 bit might fair better.
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well, I suspect that it's cause the GUI for vista is unde the 64bit area, and while PCSX2 runs the 32bit layer, so the GUI is more static, and not runnign with them emu, per-say, but that's just a guess.

while GPU and cpu do make a big difference, even 1 fps on a low-fps game under 64bit is an improvement. yes, from an OS standpoint, 64bit my be little difference, but just about every game (PC or otherwise) has run better on x64 than 32bit.

so I may not know the internal workings of windows 64, but I know results when I see them
Well I'm about to try it on windows 7 build with FFX-2 (which was ok for a few minutes on XP till a dramatic drop in performance and stability). I'll post some simple results and comparisons and I may throw in Vista 32x if Win7 doesn't work out well enough.
Just fyi, here are the differences in OSes as I have them installed and running. I may tweak and update them in preparation for the comparisons as needed and I will post the changes.

Win7 Ultimate 64x:
-(says Dx11 on dxdiag but Dx10 on Nvidia System info) with Nvidia Drivers for Win7 64x
-64x Build 7057
-Not at all optimized for any kind of performance gains

Windows Vista Home Premium 32x:
-At least Dx10 with 185.20 Dox Optimized drivers (may try to update DirectX)
-Somewhat Optimized for speed gains but not necessarily for games

Windows XP Pro 32x:
-Dx10 (ONly lets me run Dx9 on the emulator) with Dox Optimized drivers 185.20
-Optimized like there's no tomorrow for nearly every kind of speed gain.

-Forgot to mention: I will be testing the most up to date stable and beta versions of pcsx2 on them.
lol my 1.7ghz sc and intel 945gm 1 gig ram gets 30-40 fps in FFX Laugh

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