PCSX2 On macbook Air (2010)
Hello all,

New to Forums, and i guess i shall start with a question.

i got PCSX2 installed on my new 2010 macbook air, but when I play games the sound is choppy and game is laggy....is there any way to fix it or does my CPU just suck?

my macs info:
* 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
* 2GB memory
* 128GB flash storage1
* NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics

anyway of fixing the lag? or will Bootcamp windows 7 help?

thank you kindly.

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both your cpu & GPU suck
set both clamp modes to none, use a few speedhacks, and set internal res to native
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RAM : 16 Go
darn I knew it! should have upgraded the cpu. btw where is internal res to native located? Wacko i found the other two but cant find this in the app...i may be blind >_<



update tried it and still the same....other suggestions on how i can get it to work without lag?
(11-06-2010, 12:47 AM)jesalvein Wrote: and set internal res to native
Only applicable for GSdx on Windows. ZZogl uses native resolution by default unless antialiasing is enabled (so turn this off if it's on).

It's possible that you might get better performance on Windows 7 as GSdx is more mature than ZZogl, but I don't know how stable the Boot Camp drivers are nowadays (I don't think you can just use the graphics drivers from the nV site).

I just got my External HDD back from a friend so I'll probably set up a hackintosh at some point so I can be more helpful to the mac users.
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