PCSX2 Online Plus Multitap Question
Hello, I've scoured the internet in search for an answer to my question and just couldn't seem to find any proper information. I've recently had a serious urge to play some Dokapon Kingdom and searched up a way to play online as that's the only way I can play with my friends.

I managed to find and setup PCSX2 Online Plus. It took me like 3 hours to properly set up everything and I managed to get it working with one other friend. Frame rate was constantly 60FPS, both controllers working and almost no delay between the two of us. Great, I thought, now I just gotta wait for my other friends to hop online and we can try with 3 or 4 players.

So after a couple of days our schedules finally matched and I managed to get 3 of us to play. We set up the new guys one and before long we were back in the game menu, 60FPS, no delay. Only problem now is that only the first two people who connected had their controllers working, the last player couldn't do anything. We proceeded to try an infinite number of configurations to sort the problem and an hour later we had nothing to show for it so we decided to just stop there and try another time. We tried enabling multitap, we tried configuring it in all different ways but alas, nothing we did managed to sort out the problem of the third guy who joined not being able to do anything. The other two players could press buttons as they please but not the third.

Sorry for the long winded thread, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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Funnily enough, I feel like I can probably answer this question as I deal with questions about the Wii version all the time on Dolphin's forums as it's a popular netplay game.

What I'm guessing is the netplay infrastructure isn't designed for the Multitap, and thus only the first two players will work. It does say the game is 4 player, so, it's probably something that could be fixed, but considering the state of PS2 netplay, there's probably a lot more important things that can be done. Oddly enough, we have the opposite problem with Dolphin - where the game requiring a Wii Remote to be connected during the main menu is the only reason that netplay is problematic on it. Too many controllers required vs not enough - Dokapon Kingdom is an annoying game for netplay.
You can always try a program/service like Parsec to do the netplay instead. Should work fine with PCSX2.

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