PCSX2 PS3 Controller problem
So I'm using a controller which is labeled as "DX 2in1 USB Joystick" in pcsx2. The problem lies with my older controller, which was the exact same one that I'm using now. I used that controller to play on PCSX2 but it broke, so I bought this new controller hoping to play on the emulator again, but it doesn't even detect the controller. It works on my other computer but it doesn't work on this one for some reason. I think it might be a problem with the drivers because I tried using the SCP Toolkit program to use the controller with Steam games, but when that didn't work out, I uninstalled the drivers from SCP Toolkit and tried to play on PCSX2. The weird thing is, PCSX2 detects my HEADPHONES as a controller, and lets me bind keys to it, but it says "[Detached] DX 2in1 USB Joystick" on my controller. Can someone help me out here?

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To help others answer the question can you please post your PSCX2 version and lily pad version if that's applicable. other information such as you Operating System and the settings inside the lily pad plugin is great too.
Also are you using a cable or blue tooth.

Thing is though, SCP has many bugs. On my system, it likes to drop out suddenly and occasionally characters get stuck running to the right forcing you to disconnect and reconnect the controller, usually i fall of a cliff before i can move again, it can also crash completely forcing a reboot before it works again.  Sad

In Pscx2 using SCP, you controller should come up as Xinput Pad 0, since SCP basically converts you PS3 controller into a Xbox one.Ive added  an attachment with my settings so you can compare them.

If you Uninstalled the SCP drivers you will need to reinstall them to make you controller work.
In future if you buy controller to use on PC, I recommend getting a Ps4, Xbox or Xbone controller, DS4 is much more stable than SCP based on what ive heard and Xbone/Xbox have native support.
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