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PCSX2 Per game configuration
So i was playing .hack and project zero at the same time, and i was upset because i need to change config when i want to play. after searching i found a solution in a youtube video from Maverick's Arcade that makes a .bat file to make it work.

But this is a pain to config and the tutorial isn't clear, so i've made another .bat file that makes everything works without config anything.

- Copy and paste this into a .txt file:
- Rename the file extension to .bat
- Drag and drop your legal backup of the game to the .bat file

> The settings will be saved in pcsx2\configs\*backup_name_folder*
> if you want to use the same setting used in one game for others, just copy paste the contents inside *backup_name_folder* into the desired game folder.


UPDATED: Now it doesn't show GUI, make sure you uncheck the option "show console" in misc options. Also i've cleaned the code litle bit

If you use this with Launchbox (like me), use this ahk script to exit the emulator without issues. Also works if you exit with a controller
WinClose, ahk_exe pcsx2.exe

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This is a good one and it should work with steam:
(05-22-2020, 12:27 PM)dhillel Wrote: This is a good one and it should work with steam:

Yeah, it's a great alternative but i've wanted something more "light". something that doesn't require external programs or overlays. i mean, i don't need a frontend, just some way to make a configuration for each game

also this method works without doing anything. just plug&play

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