PCSX2 Portable version
Hi there !

I have installed PCSX2 at home and everything is running fine, so no problem there.
But I would like to use it on a computer where I don't have admin rights, so I can't Install Visual C++ (e.g. at work Ohmy )

My question is :
Which DLL files do I have to include in the PCSX2 folder in order to make it work from an USB flash drive?

OS : Win 7 Pro x64 SP1
CPU : Intel Core I3 5005U
GPU : Intel HD Graphics 5500
RAM : 4Go

I have ISO and PCSX2 binaries on the USB drive

Thanks in advance.

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Edit : double post
You will have better luck with pcsx2 1.2 rather than with 1.4
1.2 requires two files MSVCP120.dll and MSVCR120.dll and 1.4 requires 13 files that I don't think they will work correctly by just coping them to the pcsx2 directory

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they might.. windows will check local directory before the others.. you may have to register them, but thats a simple command that is usually locked down by any semi competent admin...

search path for windows when a file is called without a full path is ./ then the statements in the path variable. IF UNC's haven't been hardened, then supposedly windows will search at spaces too..

so c:\Program Files\ gets looked at c:\Programs (searched first) and c:\Program Files .. was a big todo about hardening UNC's in the path statement a few years ago...
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Thanks a lot Smile

I will try to make it work on monday. I'll keep you posted.
I assume I have to include the win7 x86 files eventhough it's win7 x64 that runs on the computer?
since pcsx2 is an x86 app, yes.
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Thanks a lot vsub (+rep) Smile
I tried with PCSX2 1.2.1 and the two dll files mentionned, and it works Laugh

I now have an other issue similar to this thread :http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Problem-w...windows-10
I assume that putting the directX dll files in the folder on the USB stick will not solve the problem ? Obviously, I cannot intall this Sad

I also noticed that I can't choose ZeroGS as plugin. Any idea why?

Thanks in advance
(Sorry for my English, don't hesitate to correct me Smile )
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Update :

I tried to include some DirectX dll files in the PCSX2 folder and...

So here are the files I added :
d3dcsx_42.dll (optional I guess, I'll look into that later)
xactengine3_7.dll (optional?)
xaudio2_7.dll (optional for my setup, XAudio doesn't work (not installed), but directsound is fine)

[Image: 1473242380-pcsx2-portable-folder.png]

So in the end, it is possible to have a full standalone PCSX2 portable version Laugh

Thanks again vsub, [b]scythefwd[/b] and jesalvein for your precious help !

For the XAudio issue, here is the screenshot :

[Image: 1473242350-xaudio.png]

Any idea to fix that?

And now, ZeroGS appears in the plugin list, so I guess the issue was related to the missing DirectX files Unsure

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