PCSX2 Problem
Hi !
I have installed yesterday PCSX 2 , because i wanted to play FF12, i have made an ISO file with IMGburn everything fine until I tried to run it then i got this:
[Image: Unbenannt.PNG]

What can i do to run FF12?

Bios i use: Europe v2.20

My System:
Intel i5-3210M
GT 620M

Thx for help

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What pcsx2 version u have
the latest!
What is ur pc specification

What setting u use in pcsx2 .
the stanard settings,
haven't changed something
Ok i heard ur specification can u explain in brief what problem u have
when i want to start the game i have a window with a black screen and a second window pops up, the text of the second window is in the picture in the first post!
The img u post is unreadable ..please post thise in text
ok sry my fault w8 will edit this post once

Failed to int XAudio2 engine. XA2 may not be installed on your system.
Ensure that you have the latest DirectX runtimes, or use DirectX / WaveOut drivers instead. Error Details (code0x80040154)

Unknown error code)
Ok open ur pcsx2.... in audio config set direct sound insted of x2audio ...if it not work then may be ur sound driver problem ...

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