PCSX2 Problem
Hello, i have followed the guides and installed the emulator correct. BUT when i >FILE > RUN CD/DVD IT starts to emulate PS2 and it doesnt start the game.
I have inserted "the godfather" that is a Ps2 dvd and runs perfect in my Ps2 concole.

Now you would wonder why i wanna emulate ps2 if i allready have 1...
My ps2 has broken down and i cant afford money atm to fix it SO i want to emulate it.

Tnx for your timeSmile

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So you're running it from disc? did you configure the cdvd plugin pointing it to the right drive? Is there any message/error that the pcsx2 console window shows?

It's possible you'll need to make a ISO of the game and run it with Linuz ISO cdvd plugin
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Arghhh, i feel so stupid. I forgot to configure The cddvd plugin and set my drive letter. I am Sooo sorry Sad

tnx for your help...
lol no problem, the configuration guide is kinda long so it's easy to miss small steps like that :P
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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