PCSX2 Problems
Did i can play Final Fantasy with my pc without lags and high fps ( 50-60) ?

[Image: 62970276.png]

[Image: 45069881.png]

[Image: 41675842.png]

[Image: 47152210.png]

[Image: 71608929.png]

[Image: 84888117.png]

i got the orginal final fantasy 10 CD Platium CD

and what is a linux ? will be it faster fps ? how can i use it ?
can someone help me ? at the moment i got 30 fps. but i need 50-60 fps
please cna someone help me ?

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Use the GSdx plugin that was in the 0.9.8 release, not that ancient version you have there. Post the details of your graphics card, if you don't know what gfx card you have, run this: http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/206...0.5.6.html and tell us what it says.
Make an ISO of your disc by using imgburn (just open it and click Create image file from disc) then run it with the internal ISO reader of PCSX2.
Linux is an operating system and you don't want it.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
oke thank you for the information and i dont understand really what you mean with GSdx puglin.. Sad do you mean with the SSE2-4 ?
i have read SSE3 is for me because i got i3 core

[Image: graficnt.png]

Bosit wouldn't his Laptop 2.13 Ghz CPU be quite weak for even FFX??
30 FPS? It can't be. I played FFX on a ProBook with the same CPU and an integrated Intel HD and the FPS was almost 60 in Besaid Village. It dropped to 40 in battle, but I don't know if it is the CPU or the crappy GPU that caused the slow down.
hmm I have a weaker intel pentium dual core e2180 at 2.0ghz with a gts250 and i am able to run FFX at a constant 60FPS here without any slowdowns. Hmm seems he has a laptop which means windows is probably set to enegry saving under its power options so try changing that to High Performance and see if that helps with slowdowns.
Don't forget ofcourse to plugin your power cable if u do what Topken said, cause you will notice that your battery runs DRY in minutes hahaha Smile
its still dont work at 50 fps .. in videos 40 fps sometimes if i walk 50 fps but in fight 40 fps ... Sad can someone help me more ? i did change my battery setting on my notebook and i did make the img of the ffx ... can someone help me more ? maybe with teamviewer ?
if someone can fix it via teamviewer than i can pay money if you want ! .. please i want to play ffx
can no one help me ?

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