PCSX2 Profile Manager
Hey guys Smile

Note: This program requires the .NET framework.

I didn't know there was another profile manager around, so I made mine in a couple of days in C#, because if we're gonna have a new GUI with Wx, there's no point in editing the current one if it's gonna be changed Tongue, besides, it started for personal use, but I decided to share it with you people Laugh.

It's very simple and it doesn't tinker with the INI files, it just moves and compresses them around, that way the program is kept flexible against any kind of INI changes. I might improve it if there is a need for a feature, just as long as it isn't "stuck" to a specific pcsx2/plugin version. The idea is for it to work with any version whatsoever Tongue

The app was made in Windows 7 x64, compiled for x86 for release here, but the full source code is provided (in VS2008 C# solution) in case you want to compile a x64 version for yourself. It could also be useful for those brave souls who wish to compile it with Mono for Linux compatibility... Wink. I also spent some time commenting the code, so it could be of use for those who don't have much idea of C# and want to learn a trick or two ^^.

Profiles are saved in <pcsx2folder>\inis\profiles in the form of ZIP files. That way, you can share them to friends with ease, or post them to the forum. In case you want to use a profile you got given from somebody, you just put the ZIP file in there, reload the program, and activate the profile. Once you activate it, it will unzip all the files inside your inis folder (clearing everything before doing such). It also creates a profile.dat file in the inis folder so it knows which profile is active, and a config.dat file in the app's folder to store the pcsx2 exe file path and what action to do when you double-click a profile Tongue

Anyhow, too much talking! here goes some screenies Smile

[Image: profile.PNG]

[Image: config.PNG]

[Image: inis.PNG]

.zip   PPM-binary-1.0.zip (Size: 84,52 KB / Downloads: 4.003)
.zip   PPM-Source-1.0.zip (Size: 106,31 KB / Downloads: 1.331)

Note: The app creates backups of your current profile whenever you edit or create a new one from the default config or your current setup, however, I strongly advise to make a backup of your pcsx2 config if you don't want to redo it again in case the program has a bogus Tongue. Also, it hasn't been tested in XP, but in theory, it should work. Just check the source, it doesn't do any fancy stuff ^^.

Enjoy! Laugh comments & suggestions welcome Laugh
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Great idea! I'll give it a try when I'm done FFX and need to configure FFX-2.
Great! I hope it's useful to you Laugh

Has anyone else tried it? 70+ views and no comments? Sad
..:: Core2Duo E7500 OC @ 3.23 Ghz | 9800GTX+ 512Mb GDDR2 | 2GB DDR2 800 | Win7 x64 ::..
you sir, are a genius. I was getting annoyed with the constant changing of the resolution
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I only play 1 game on PSCX2 at the moment, but i think this will be quite neat tool
thanks for the tool is very usefull for me, im playing 3 games and all with diferent settings so this a great help for some one like me.... yea i know im lazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy TongueTongueTongue
thnx im using it and it works like wonders..
playing 5 games and kinda lazy to change the setting over and over and this tool really helps..
thumbs up..im using xp tho and it work..
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Mio: Aaaaaaah!! x_x
Seriously, the way she acts, you'd think she grew up with ghosts.
this is great man,thanks a lot,pcsx2 really needed this.

Edit: well i dont know if this is intended to do or if its a bug,but when you made a new profile you have to quit the program and open it again in order to use the new profile,i mean when you create a profile the list isnt updated until you restart the program again,using xp btw
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[Image: 17715.png]
Hey there,
I, too, want to thank you for your useful program.
I took the liberty of fixing that little "bug" that diegochiha mentioned, if you allow Ninja
it was just one line of code, i haven't changed anything else Tongue

(I know, its a rather old topic, but...nevertheless Biggrin )

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thanks didnt try it yet still away till tomorrow
tomorroy i will get my new laptop

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