PCSX2 Recorder Bug??
So, i recorded a video of WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011, recording was fine, and when i end record and opened the .avi file, sound is heard, but no video. I put this file in Windows Movie Maker and it had song icon. For a reason it doesn't record the screen. Any help? Thanks.

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Unless they've changed it recently, the audio and video are recorded separately and you need to mux them afterwords. So you would have like a WAV file and an AVI type file.
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Any help??
You probably opened the .WAV file.
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No, when the record ends, a recording.avi is saved
you mean you have no .wav file ?
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if there is no .wav file it means that PCSX2 does not have permission to write to its own directory
I chose location to save in the game's location
the .wav is stored in the pcsx2 root folder
Only if:
1.You are not recording the video(click Cancel)
2.You already have path in the destination(if you don't use the Browse button to set it again)and just hit ok.

I could call "2" a bug.
Also if you don't set the path again(if it exist),the file will be saves as avi without extension

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