PCSX2 Settings
just was wondering if there is possibility to have pcsx2 config (inis, plugin config) etc somewhere else instead in C:\Users\....\My Documents\PCSX2\..

This folder always appear when i run pcsx2. i change all folders in pcsx2 settings (logs, plugins, memcards, sstates, bios, snaps) i believe those are only that are changeable from program itself.

but still it keeps making same folders in default location in my documents..is that changeable so it doesn't look there at all anymore.

EDIT: some versions like 1.2.1 (dev update), when you tick default folder it potinst to program folder not my documents.. but 1.3.0 is pointing back to my documents, while 1.2.1 official latest release also points to my documents..

what makes the difference and is that changeable?

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create a blank portable.ini file next to pcsx2 to set the config files in pcsx2 root folder.
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thank you very much!

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