PCSX2 Shades on games
Hi guys Smile
I start by introducing myself, I'm new to the Forum, my name is Diogo Silva aka Guga, I'm 25 and I'm from Portugal.
I come this way to ask you guys help about a situation that has been bothering me since I downloaded PCSX2.
I don't know what's causing this thing exactly, in every game it has some kind of shades, for example I can show you GTA San Andreas, and I've tried everything to fix it and somehow it's still appearing, I can't find the fix for this situation, you can see the shades on bottom rigth side of the image.
Is just frustrating sometimes, and specially on GTA is just terrible to play Laugh
Alrigth guys, I'll be waiting, and thanks everyone, good games to y'all Smile
The link of the image: Shades on GTA

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