PCSX2 - Site Re-launch
PCSX2 has been running for over three years now, and it was high time this project got a new site design! Well here it is! We hope you like Biggrin

The site now has a much improved compatibility section, which is continuously updated. Currently it shows what you can expect from the future 0.9 release. So far only 250 games have been entered, out of the 500 or so we do test! Check back regularly!

Downloads have been made clearer, and the site now has a fresh screenshots section, where the best shots will be posted. Many other things have been added, so please browse around and explore!

The site was designed by CKemu and coded by Falcon4ever. We would both like to thank the developers, beta testers and our host Bobbi for their help and support. An apology from myself, for putting up "..is dead!" - sorry if I scared any of you Evil

The site isn't technically complete yet. Whilst all parts function, there is much more to do, but both myself and Falcon4ever are pressed for time, so we shall work on it whilst the site is public!
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