PCSX2 Slow/Graphic Help?
Hi, before I begin, sorry if this is the wrong forum I tried to find others but couldn't. Also, I HAVE looked around before asking, this is almost my last resort. I've also read the whole guide on configuring PCSX2.

Basically i'm just having speed/graphic issues with PCSX2. I've messed around alot trying to get them right but it's just no use anymore. I've tried multiple plugins, bios.. etc.

I took some screenshots of Dxdiag.exe instead of just posting them as i'm not entirely sure which are which.. etc.


Also this is what gameplay looks like

However, it just flickers(mainly the characters in the first scene) and goes at 30 fps no matter what I try. I'm running 0.9.6 version of PCSX2.

Here are the plugins etc i'm using atm(note: i've messed around alot just choosing random ones so if it's all just completely wrong, sorry in advance)

If the problem is simply my computer is crap just tell me and i'll give up.

Oh, the game i'm trying to run is Final Fantasy X, downloaded from Cav Z so it's all good the copy of the game. !! Another thing, am I supposed to play the CD's .iso or the one I downloaded and re-joined together? May be a stupid question but it only plays the .iso I re-joined together and not the one I burned onto the disc. It's region is NTSC U/C.

Thankyou very much.

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I'd have loved to help you, unfortunately you read everything on the forum EXCEPT for the rules... we don't offer any support for anyone who pirates games. Sorry.

Quote:am I supposed to play the CD's .iso or the one I downloaded and re-joined together?
[Image: 2748844.png]
Even with my original game(i'll go and take a picture with a note next to it in my handwriting with a timestamp if you want) it still goes slow. The only reason I tried that is because I heard if I burn an iso it goes faster somehow. Sorry.
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Try the latest beta, try enabling speedhacks, make sure u dont use VSync... however with your slow CPU you cant really expect much and unfortunatelly dont think you can OC it either, the flickering is probably because you enabled some frame/vu skip in the cpu options.


edit: Also there's no need to bump your thread after just 20 some minutes...
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In conclusion the beta is definitely better however still not perfect but I guess I don't expect it to be due to my specs. However, I enabled all the speed hacks for a joke and the last one that said "breaks games in interesting ways" 3D thing but that helped alot, lol.

Currently on around 50fps during the cutscenes.

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