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PCSX2 Slow whle playing Dawn of Mana
Hi. I borrowed a Dawn of Mana CD from a friend and it's running very slowwwww on my PC :/ I play Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 here and it's running perfectly using default options.

Can somebody help me? Sad

Intel®Core™i3CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz
3.07GHz, 2GB of RAM


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Hmm. Is borrowing allowed. I don't think so. You need to have the original game(of yours) to get support in these forums.

Anyways, your GPU is slow.
Of course it is allowed.
Where would we be if you couldn't borrow out your games?

(I'm looking at you, today's restrictive DRM schemes!)
I heard other people can have some tweak in their settings which enable a game to run faster....problem is I just don't know how Sad
That's what the stickied guide is for
Whats the EE/GS%? I think the CPU is the problem still.

Try these
  • Change the Round mode to Nearest and Clamp Mode to None in Both EE and VU's section.
  • Use Speedhacks : try using some reccomended ones.
  • Use Native Resolution
  • Change Windows Power Plan to High Performance : Important

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