PCSX2 Slowdown
I've been using PCSX2 to play KH2 for a while, and I used to use it on a very crappy XP computer with Integrated Graphics. It ran decently well, and then I finally got around to buying and building my own PC. I started with Windows 7, and PCSX2 had worked very well and I was quite excited.
Something happened between then and now. I'm convinced it may have been me getting Windows 10.

My specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium CPU G3258 @3.20GHz
8 GB of RAM
64 bit OS and processor.

I have experienced severe slowdowns on many games of mine, and PCSX2 is no exception. I've been able to alter a few settings to illicit a mild speedup in PCSX2, namely prioritizing it in the Task Manager and enabling speedhacks such as increasing the EE's Cyclerate. I do notice that while the GS doesn't seem to have much trouble (8% during slow fps times) the EE is maxed out at 100%. The game is very nearly playable, staying at around the 30-45 range of fps while walking around but while gliding it speeds up considerably.

Any ideas as to what I can do? I'm going to try at some point in the future to go back to Windows 7, but it's too late for me to just revert, as they only allow you to do that for one month after installing Windows 10.

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Try locking your power saving settings to high performance. Your computer should have no issues running this game at full speed.
That fixed it. Thank you so much, it's so much faster!
That's why he said

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