PCSX2 Snap package
Hello everyone,
I tried to make a snap package(https://snapcraft.io/) to ease the distribution of this wonderful emulator, it's not fully working but I thought it would help to start sharing it so it could be improved.
For those who do not know, snap package is a new containerized packaging format that is included by default on Ubuntu starting from Ubuntu 16.04 and works with many others Linux distribution.

you can download it from here:

It has the debug symbols and so it weight 110 megabytes, but it could weight way less and it's still a work in progress (it's 70 without the debug symbols).

* Doesn't work with nVidia Driver (I opened a bug)
* crashes when using portaudio but works perfectly fine with pulseaudio
* It doesn't find the games database file because I haven't found a way to manually set the path (Applications run in a container so compile time path do not point to the right directory)
* It doesn't automatically find the plugins directory (/snap/current/pcsx2/ need to be manually prefix to the path)

* download the snap package and run snap install nameofthepackage.snap (you need to login with a ubuntu one account or use sudo)
* run pcsx2 in the terminal (forgot to add a .desktop file sorry)

A 32 bit vm/container or a i386 launchpad is needed
* run snapcraft in a directory containing the snapcraft.yaml

Why I made this:
I think pcsx2 is absolutely important to the linux ecosystem because it's the only mature playstation 2 emulator, however its build system is complex and it has discouraged Linux users to try git version and the ppa it's not always up-to-date and need 32bit libraries that could stop to work easily when the system get upgraded to a new Ubuntu release. Most important reason for me, is that this application when it will have a working snap package could get uploaded to the ubuntu store and virtually every distribution so the installation will be a matter of typing "pcsx2" in the software center.
As a bonus note, since pcsx2 already has a ppa, it should be easy to integrate the build of this snap package automatically

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Quote:the ppa it's not always up-to-date
fwiw, there is a PPA daily build => https://launchpad.net/%7Epcsx2-team/+arc...csx2-daily

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