PCSX2 Stop working
it's was working fine, i was even run game with x6 Native

My PC quite high spec im pretty sure it's enough to run it

My spec

Window 7
intel i7 3770k
GTX 670

[Image: Untitled_zpsa4f1b806.jpg]

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Update im actually found out that it's not workimg on Direct3D11, but it's was working fine before!!!
Heres a guide for creating a crash dump, necessary for figuring out the problem.

open regedit

navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\

create a key under Windows Error Reporting and call it Localdumps

create a KEY under the localdumps key and call it pcsx2.exe

in this new key, create the dword "Dumptype" without the "'s and set it to 1

Then create an Expandable String and title it "DumpFolder" without the "'s and set it to a folder of your choice.

then replicate the crash, upload the created dmp file to a file locker and someone will take a look.

uploading post crash log files will also help
I got the same problem, it runs fast and everything seems fine, after a while it stops working.

I tried to create the crash dump but i cant set the Expandable String to a folder of my choice...how to do that?

Edit says: seems its gone, read somewhere in the forum to put on skipdraw(1), well, seems it helped.
folder of your choice would be a path.. c:\folder\folder\chosenfolder\
my emulator also started crashing a lot a couple of months ago

my guess is you are running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. you are always updating windows when there are new updates. your emulator was working fine for some time then it suddenly started crashing

the same thing happened to me. i had bought an hp pavilion dv6 laptop 1 year ago. it was powerful enough to run a ps2 emulator. yay :-) i started playing final fantasy x. i played it for 3 months. during that time i kept my system updated. then one morning i played the game for a few hours, pressed escape to pause the emulator, closed the laptop lid and later on i resumed playing in the afternoon. i often play on turbo mode. shortly after i started playing the emulator crashed. i thought it was nothing so i restarted the emulator and loaded the game. the same thing happened :-( less than a minute passed and the emulator crashed again!!! i tried it a few times but no luck. i then desperately started experimenting trying to fix the crash. i uninstalled and reinstalled the emulator, i tied different settings, i updated my graphics driver but nothing worked. the emulator always crashed when i put turbo mode and sometimes it crashed on normal mode. also sometimes the crash caused windows to freeze with the blue screen of death. i had completed three quarters of the game and couldn't continue it:-( at that point i gave up trying to fix the problem. in the past 3 month i had faced problems with windows. it was often freezing and i got the blue screen a couple of times. i realized that the constantly updated home premium is the source of all my problems because it caused an unstable system. my OS had to go so i formatted and put enterprise 32 bit. i had read somewhere that i had to turn on speedhack and set ee cyclerate to 1.5 . there was no 1.5 so i set it to 2. the emulator crashing stopped and i was able to continue playing. however 5 days later my motherboard died due to excess overheating because i gamed for long hours and temp of my laptop was often high and i wasn't using a coolpad. when i got a new motherboard my machine came back with factory settings. i format and put pro 64 bit. i did windows update once. i got blue screens. i format again. i put pro 32 bit and immediately switched off windows update. i installed the emulator and loaded the game. it crashed once. i then set ee cyclerate to 2 and from then on my problems were solved. yay :-) i was able to complete final fantasy x and after that i completed final fantasy x-2. i am now playing metal gear solid 3. in the past year my system used to rarely freeze and sometimes when i am starting the emulator, but that happened once every couple of weeks or months. i can live with that

the moral of my long story is:-
1) on some machines constantly doing system updates, bios updates and driver updates is bad. if u have been doing that and suddenly your pcsx2 starts to crash and u are desperate to fix it then format and put win 7 pro or ultimate 32bit or 64 bit, IMMEDIATELY switch off windows updates, only install the drivers needed and that's it
2) turn on speedhacks and set ee cyclerate to 2

see my post here to see my current settings: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-are-these...antasy-xii
To the OP: Check which Dev9 plugin you are using, as it crashes on that i would suspect you are trying to use dev9ghz when it should be set to dev9null.

cns00: I'd never recommend turning off windows updates, if something from there stops pcsx2 working, there's something very wrong with the computer. I ALWAYS keep up to date and never have had a problem causing it to crash. Drivers (especially graphics card drivers) might have issues due to bugs, but windows updates should never have an ill effect.
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